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Importance of Investment Property


The pride of every investor is to own assets which will give him maximum profit with minimal maintenance cost. Triple net gateway gives investors a chance to lease their properties and enjoy maximum profits as the lessee takes care of other expenses. The company gives clients an opportunity to lease their properties in a rather a more significant method compared to the traditional way.


A triple net investment creates a superb interaction between the investor and tenant. It works on the basses that the tenant is responsible for paying property taxes, insurance costs and maintaining the asset during the lease period. This gives the investor an opportunity to realize maximum profit without having to invest more in the TripleNet Gateway property. The lease period is usually between ten to fifteen years with the amount paid depending on the credit and the size of the asset.


The types of lease used by Triple Net include the Bond Lease under which the tenant is responsible for maintenance and repair of the building and other operational costs . However, it has its limitations since the proprietor will be responsible for maintaining the structural components like the walls and roofing especially during the last days of the contract. The second type is Modified Gross Lease which makes the owner responsible for everything less the inside maintenance where the tenant is responsible. It makes the property owner dish out money in some occasions increasing the expenditure despite realizing a big profit at the end.


Triple Net advises investors at to adopt the bond lease to yield maximum profit since the whole Idea is achieving maximum profit with slight expenditure. At the same time, you may decide to adopt the gross lease to enjoy profit with maximum expenditure.To realize maximum profit ,investors are advised to locate strategic places to invest. However ,most investors prefer  weaker sites to maintain a tenant for a long period and  accommodate tenants more easily. Places with demand at times provide irreplaceable downside protection when it comes to capturing tenants due to the cost of the lease and the maintenance fee.


An investor who plans to own business assets should consider the good sites. Primarily poor sites might do well with tenants who just want to establish themselves but it may later become an issue locating new tenants. It is therefore wise to choose a strategic place so as reduce the tedious job of locating new tenants during a turnover.A Triple Net investment gives the investors opportunity to earn at the comfort of their houses. Invest with us and realize the profit that you wish. To gain more knowledge on the importance of Investment Property, go to

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